A Sokoban-clone mini-game.

This game was made in the up and coming programming language Jai (working title) by Jonathan Blow.

This is the first known game to be published in the Jai language!

Source available on githubhttps://github.com/daafu/sokoban

WebGL version is a C++ port using emscripten. Jai did not have good support for wasm/WebGL at time of writing.


Sprites (CC0):

Music (CC0):

Sounds (CC0):

PlatformsLinux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)


piotr_windows.zip 3 MB


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Nice juicy game.  Congrats for making this with Jai

just heard about jai on the corecursive podcast, downloaded pp and got to level 9, great feel to the controls, the graphics are super intuitive, and the puzzles challenging (reminds me of chip's challenge!)

I like it very much! A real showcase for Jai. Sound worked well for me (Windows 11)


Link to the "1 bit pack tiles" has a typo. Cheers!

I liked it. Sound didn't work for me though.



Wish there was a secret unlocked by pushing "the end" into some satisfying arrangement :) 


Hah that's dedication:)

Congrats on publishing a game in Jai! I loved it, and so thrilled to finally experience a taste of Jai. Would love to see the source code someday because I'm wanting to develop games in Jai as well. Great work:)

I really liked the juicy way of your game at the change of room.

I did not find how to reset a room

it would be nice to be able to hold down a key to move

Nice game, thank you


Reset with backspace, instruction for that in upper right corner.


Tried it on macOS Catalina and

wine-7.7 (CrossOverFOSS 22.0.1),

wine-8.3 (Staging)


got error

The program crashed because it tried to write to a null pointer.

Printing the stack trace:

__jai_runtime_fini                unknown:0

... (skipping OS-internal procedures)

Really enjoyable! A great combination of slick graphics and fun gameplay. Check it out!

Nice, I loved the level transitions!


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Nice use of Jai. Finished it. Fun game. Level 6 had me for a bit.

Nice! Completed on Linux using Proton.