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A prototype for a roguelike game with a pen & paper aesthetic.

This game is an exploration of the exciting new programming language Beef (https://www.beeflang.org/), and an art style that is fairly interesting, and at the same time do-able by a programmer with stick-man level of artistic ability.

Sketchy Dungeons is also my second attempt to follow the /r/roguelikedev "RoguelikeDev Does The Complete Roguelike" tutorial series.


- Basic Roguelike gameplay, incomplete, and imbalanced

- Pen & Paper aesthetic with a smoothly zoomable camera (use mouse wheel) that can take you from a close up, to minimap-like zoom levels.

More on Beef

This game was developed in Beef using SDL2 and OpenGL. Beef is a new programming language and IDE. The general design idea behind Beef is C# as a system-level programming language without the Garbage Collector. To quote Beefs creator Brian Fiete:

"Before Beef, I was developing game code in C# and engine code in C++ and I felt C# was just much more pleasant to work with - faster compile times, better IDE tooling, better errors, etc. Then it struck me that none of the things I liked about C# really had anything to do with the JIT or the GC, and it may be possible to create a "best of" merging between C# and C++." -Brian Fiete (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21991382)

Updated 24 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Roguelike

Install instructions

Unzip, and enjoy. There is no installer. Windows only at this time.


SketchyDungeons_v0_0_1.zip 13 MB

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